"Bulletproof" Wooden Coasters - Set of 4

"Bulletproof" Wooden Coasters - Set of 4


Set of 4 wooden coasters. Images are designed and laser etched by the team at BenShot. 

You can order one of each type, or 4 with the same saying.

There are 4 different coaster options:

Drinking Makes me Bulletproof

I'd Take A Bullet for You


I'd Take a Shot for You

- - - - - - 

Made in the USA. Designed by the team at BenShot

Laser Engraving:
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Get 4 of the same, or 1 of each style.

All designs are made by us at BenShot. We laser engrave the coasters in our workshop. Made in the USA. 

Drink like a gentleman.

*Contact us about custom designs!