'Merica "Bulletproof" Shot glass

'Merica "Bulletproof" Shot glass


Brought to you by the father and son team at BenShot.

Make every shot taste like freedom. American Flag and text 'Merica are permanently printed on the glass.

Our custom shot glass has a real bullet embedded in the side. The glass is high-quality, heavy, and handcrafted in our glass workshop in Wisconsin

1.5 oz shot glass with embedded bullet.  (0.308 solid copper caliber rifle round) Each shot glass is unique. Made in the USA.


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Bulletproof shot glasses make distinctive and thoughtful gifts. 

100% safe to use to drink. The solid copper bullet is fixed into the glass and then secured with a thin coating of FDA approved transparent resin on the tip of the bullet. This bullet is not going to come out or even wiggle. 

Due to discoloration of the bullet from dishwasher chemicals, we recommend hand washing.

No gunpowder. No lead. Safe to drink and use.