The story behind BenShot

BulletProof Glassware

BenShot was started by a father and son team in rural Wisconsin. Their mission was to create unique drinking glassware as gifts for their friends and family. A few gifts turned into a national brand of bulletproof glassware. 

The glass workshop is on the grounds of a repurposed furniture factory owned by Thomas Edison in rural Wisconsin. The vintage workspace and northwoods surroundings provide a unique glass working area resulting in truly extraordinary glassware by their resident glassworker Bulletproof Bruce. 

Pride is taken in everything they manufacture and sell If you're not 100% satisfied you don't need to pay. Send it back to them, they'll melt it down and try again. Simple as that. 

They're bringing manufacturing back to the USA one shot glass at a time.

They're interested in your ideas on how they can make glassware better. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Contact BenShot directly.



Branding & Laser Etching

Custom Laser Etched Glass for the USMC "The Walking Dead"

Custom Laser Etched Glass for the USMC "The Walking Dead"

BenShot offers laser etched glassware for bars, gun stores, or any project you might have. Have idea? Let's make it happen.

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